Monday, April 1, 2013

Why We Love Peter Sagan.

The podium, Tour of Flanders.  Photo courtesy Getty Images

"The pinch heard around the World," it has been called.  I'd call it the pinch felt around the world, as all the overly-sensitive people on the planet (namely Feminists and Metro-Sexuals) felt the need to cry foul over a harmless gesture even the Podium Girl did not mind.

A lapse in judgement?  Poor taste?  Sexual harassment?  Nah, just a very young warrior being himself.  However, in this Politically Correct (PC), pansy-assed, wussified, corporate world, unfortunately for Mr. Sagan, he may  never be the same.  Since all of this PC crap came out, the world sure never has been the same.

Me thinks cycling has real problems that need solving.

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