Tuesday, April 23, 2013

“Get A Life!”

Libraries are full of books related to the Human Condition.  I mean volumes and volumes of manuscripts have been written, and hundreds-of-thousands of people have earned PhD’s attempting to explain how the human brain works and how we communicate, relate, and value each other. 

Well, without all of the aforementioned scholarly orgasms, I am proud to announce I can sum up how humans relate, and more to the point, how Motorists relate to Cyclists in three, simple, direct words: “Get a life!”

Yes, this was the lesson I learned today, courtesy of a mid-40’s woman as she crept up behind me at a signal in her old-beater car, honked the horn, and then squeezed her way between myself and the car in the left lane.  Rude?  Yes.  Dangerous?  Definitely!

When I expressed that I legally held the lane, with an additional, firm, verbal concern for my safety (while pointing out her obvious rudeness), that was when the Philosopher-Behind-the-Wheel laid on me those three, little words, and showcased how motorists relate to cyclists for having the nerve to share the roads with them. 

All I did was impart to her the legalities of the situation, and ended my part of the conversation with a “Please drive safely.”  I find it is easier to be armed with the facts than insults.  People don’t like facts, which usually leads to insults – From them, not from me.

In totality, while it is obvious this motorist’s behavior is not the mainstream, just remember this – It only takes one of her kind to end your life.

You know, before you “Get a life!”

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