Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turn-About Is Fair Play. A Victory For Mature Adults.

The Podium at the Redlands Classic.  YOU GO GIRL!

Political Correctness (PC) has turned people into a bunch of weak-kneed sissies.  Case in point: Peter Sagan pinches a podium girl and people throw a fit.  Sagan was forced (yes, he was) to apologize, and another victory over the human spirit was won by the PC Crowd.

Well, Australian cyclist Loren Rowney doesn't see things that way.  In a brilliant bid to "Even the score," she turned the PC World on its collective head with a blantant, and welcome, butt grab of a race official.

And then... There was silence.  No screaming, no tantrums, no Tweets gone viral, no, none of that.  See folks, this is how the mature world handles things, and it is high-time we return to being adults, not sniveling, little children, ala, the PC World.

Well done, Loren.  Well done.

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