Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Essence Of Cycling

I love it when the purity of cycling is laid bare for all to admire – To those whom can grasp it, that is.  See, in a time of all things exotic, carbon, colorful, and expensive, it was nice to see the joy of two wheels is still appreciated by some. 

How so?  Peruse the following.

Unbeknownst to this pedaling scribe, until recently, there is a group of very competent and fast riders that meet on Wednesday evenings to circle Bonelli Park here is Southern California.  And it was there, among the sea of Lycra and carbon fiber that they were seen: Two, new, young riders out to discover what this whole cycling thing was about.  And, doing it their way.

Astride bikes no one in the Peleton seemed to give a second (let alone a first) glance at, they were on a Cannondale down-tube shifter, and a Schwinn World Sport, complete with steer tube shifters.  Nice!

 Classic Cannondale.  Note the first generation Look pedals.

The classic Schwinn World Sport.  Check out the rake on that fork.

While these two indeed had extremely lofty goals, that was actually the real beauty of their effort.  Beginners in every sense, not even wearing clothing that would be considered “Proper” in any snobbish riding circle, they were there to see what they could do – And, loving every minute of it, even as the pack spit them out on the first climb. 

Yes, there is technology, and there is nostalgia.  But then, there is also the purity of the human spirit.

And, cycling can take you there - Again, and again.

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