Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance & Oprah – Armstrong “Admits” To Doing What Everyone Else Has Being Doing, And Some People Were Shocked! Can The Earth Return To Spinning, Now?

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Well, now that the other proverbial shoe has finally dropped, the seas will cease to rise, disease and famine will be no more, and the polar bears can now begin their playful rejoice – Cycling will be absolutely, squeaky clean now! 

Not!  It never was, and for all of you touchy-feely types out there, IT NEVER WILL BE!  Get over yourselves!  The whole affair of “Did he, or Didn’t he,” was like the old question of who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb – Completely pointless, yet some people still claim to have the answer. 

See, Lance was actually the Best of The Best, on or off the juice.  Taking him down will no more “Fix” cycling than putting a catalytic converter on your lawnmower will save the planet.  Sure, it will make some of the population feel good about themselves, but it amounts to nothing more than a waste of time, money and effort.

Unless you are Travis Tygart.  Queue the Hallelujah music!

If taking down the so-called leader of the dopers by engaging in deals with other dopers is going to magically clean up the peleton, well, dream on. 

It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature to look for an advantage, fair or otherwise.  See, as long we have humans walking the earth, we will have cheaters.  This is not rocket science, people. 

Look back at your youth, your school years, your career ladder, and yes, even in your own families – There has always been those whom have screwed you to get an unfair advantage.  And, unfortunately, a lot of you yourselves have screwed someone else to get where you are and to get what you want.

The best way to combat cheating in sports is to go out and be an honest person yourself, in all aspects of your life.  With a world of honest people, there will no longer be a need for doping/cheating.

So, to those whom feel like they have been mislead and cheated, somehow, well, grow up!  Lance does not owe any of us anything.  If he was the only guilty party, I would be in complete agreement with the Lance Haters.  However, since Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) run the sport, I will save my hooray’s for the time when all of the cheaters are rooted out.

By simply observing human nature - I am not going to hold my breath.

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