Friday, January 4, 2013

Conforming – Is Resistance Futile?

According to the proverbial “Powers-That-Be,” cycling should be done either at the crack of dawn or when direct sunlight is available.  You must also have the “Correct” riding apparel, and bicycle, lest thou offend the God of The Cycling Snobs.  Well, I say NUTS to that!

Imagine how much better (and fun) life would be if we did not do everything we were told to?  I know a lot of people that indeed do everything they are told or are expected to do.  And, guess what?  They are boring.  Thus, while I may not be the “World’s Most Interesting Man” like in those beer commercials, I do refrain from comfort zones because they make humans two-dimensional and uninteresting.

                                              Just get out and ride, regardless of weather or attire.

Case in point: I rode to dinner tonight with two friends, and while that may not sound very earth shattering, the ride was begun at dusk, went well into the night, and by Southern California standards, was quite cold.  No matter, we non-conformists operate around the clock in all-weather.

Shedding any and all comfort zones builds character, and certainly makes life, and us humans, a whole lot more interesting.

Forget the norms.  Get out and pedal.

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