Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Bunch Of Dopers Got Together, And A Bicycle Race Broke Out.

With the racing season of 2013 upon us, and the whole “Lance-Affair” on the minds of cycling’s “Powers-That-Be,” the “Media” and rabid fans alike, it was high-time to put the whole racing thing into perspective: For fun and ultimate futility, of course.

The words of cynic, you think?  Nah, I am a 100% realist.  Observe the following.
If anyone has paid even a minor bit of attention to cycling for any period of time, you would have witnessed people looking for an unfair advantage (yeah, I know, what a shocker, right?).  And, not to burst anyone’s bubble, it was not just in the “Armstrong Era,” either.  It has always been there.  It has been pretty humorous observing people actually surprised that their “Hero’s” could be anything other than the great cycling deities the public has made them out to be.   

Well, since the advent of the term “Better Living Through Chemistry,” the Holy-Grailesque unfair advantage in cycling was simply ratcheted up many, many notches.  And it did not magically go away, nor will it, with a wave of the United StatesAnti-Doping Agency (oxymoron) USADA wand. 

So, to the 2013 racing season I say: Enjoy the Circus.  ‘Cause, “Clean” cycling is like Unicorns – Two things some people believe in which are not real.

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