Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tried & Tested: K-Edge Garmin Edge Computer Mount

                                        Out Front And Center - Right Where The Garmin Needs To Be.

I recently picked up a K-Edge computer mount for my Garmin Edge 500, and what a darn handy accessory it is.  I am just bummed I did not think of this great idea first.  The alloy, quarter-turn mount moves your Garmin further out of front of you for better visibility, ala, SRM head units.  Better visibility and better safety.  Here are the details:
  • CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Compatibility – Garmin Edge® 800, 500, and 200 GPS Bicycle Computer
  • Fitment – 31.8mm diameter handlebars - powerful clamping via all metal bolt/mount system
  • Weight – 30 grams (weight includes bolt, clamp, mount)
  • Lifetime Guarantee – if you break it, they will replace it
  • Anodized Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Red
  • Made in the U.S.A.

                               Yes, It Is The Same Quarter-Turn Mount, Just Not On The Stem, Anymore.

                                   Out Front, Sturdy Mount, Easy to Read - What Else Could You Want?

The K-Edge mounts quickly to any 31.8mm bar via two (2) 4mm hex bolts, and is reach adjustable to accommodate Edge 800 units (as well as the aforementioned 500 and the 200) via one (1) 3mm hex bolt.  Also, being it wraps around the bars, you can tilt the mount, and thus the computer, up or down to suit your viewing tastes.  In the “Neutral” position, the computer is mounted below the tops of the bars keeping your Garmin out of harms way and giving much more pleasing aesthetics.  After mounting the whole thing up, I agree.

                                      The New Position, Just Below The Bar, And Out Of Harm's Way.

Entering my outdoor laboratory, I took the K-Edge on my usual test loop, and the four (4) inches the mount moved my Garmin forward was a very big deal, visibility-wise.  I did not have to tilt my head down to read the data on the computer, as all it requires now is a quick glace with the eyes.  I rode over some of the worst pavement I know of, and the unit stayed firm and blur-free the whole time.  The computer mount base is similar to the stock Garmin quarter-turn stem mount, however, this one is a lot more secure, so stories of computers coming loose should be a thing of the past.  And, being machined alloy, the K-Edge should last a lifetime.

A giant two-thumbs up to the K-Edge Garmin mount.
Retail is $49.99

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