Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ritchey Torque Key - A Good Idea Gets Better.

                                                                  Image Courtesy Ritchey Logic

There was a time in the bicycling world where tighter was always better (I am referring to fasteners on our bikes, not the Lycra, so all of you perverts calm down).  However, with the arrival of exotic alloys, and now ever-more expensive Carbon Fiber parts, we must be mindful of how much "Oomph" we apply to cinch these parts down.

Since the kind lads at Glendora, California's Tweaked Sports have been ever-so-kind by supplying me with bits of "Exotica" to test, the torque specifications of these goodies must be adhered to for proper performance and safety.  Well, for some components, Tom Ritchey has us all covered with the handy Torque Key.

This simple, effective tool allows components to be torqued to a specific number (5 Newton Metre's in this case, or 44.25 inch-pounds) to avoid over-tightening and causing damage to Carbon components, though alloy torque specific parts can benefit from this tool, as well.

Highlights include:

  • Properly install your Ritchey bars and stem without fear of over-tightened bolts. The torque key is calibrated to 5Nm with an indication you both feel and hear.
  • Now available with interchangeable bits in popular sizes
  • 5mm, 4mm and 3mm hex keys and T-20 Torx
  • Magnetic bit retention

Retail is $19.90 USD, however, Tweaked Sports can get 'em to you for a whole lot less.

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