Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surface Fail.

                                              Bonita Avenue Looking West Towards Towne Avenue.

The initial entry in this series is a multifaceted “Fail.”  While the City of Pomona was kind enough to finally pave what was previously one of the worst road surfaces in Southern California, there are still some issues with the situation.  As you can see from this shot, the pavement is indeed nice and smooth, however, the bike lane in this area is littered with small water main covers right in the middle of the lane.  Not only that, but they are anywhere from one to three inches below the asphalt, and are a complete hazard to cyclists.  Bent wheel and endo, anyone?

But wait, there’s more.  Notice the parked vehicle, with the arc of its door opening right into the bike lane.

City of Pomona – Fail!

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