Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mark Cavendish: He Just Keeps Getting “Funnier” All The Time

Classless: Cavendish holding up the number 108, "Honoring" fallen rider Wouter Weylandt at the 2013 Giro d'Italia, a person he publically, and wrongfully, accused of plotting against him in sprint races.

Whether running his mouth, knocking people down, or getting urine dumped on him (and rightfully so), Mark Cavendish is one mean, obnoxious, dangerous, useless human-being.  And, I apologize to the other human beings on the plant for lumping him in with the rest of us.  While some call him the “Greatest Sprinter of All-Time,” he is actually the classic Passive-Aggressive time bomb. 

Hurt people and then apologize for it - Sorry, that won’t play, anymore.

If one follows professional cycling in even the smallest capacity, you have heard of Mr. Cavendish (The Manx Wanker) because the Organizers coddle him and push him on us like there is no tomorrow.  The only reason tour organizers tolerate this ass is because he brings publicity, and most importantly money, to their races.  It is the difference between talent and theatre.  And, cycling is not alone in this kind of deification of so-called “Stars.”  From NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, to “Hollywood’s” Kardashian Family, to “Music’s” Justin Bieber, garbage is neatly packaged and sold to the public, ad nauseam.

In a strange interview today with Tour Doper, I mean Tour Leader, Chris Froome, Mr. Froome defended Mr. Cavendish’s behavior, and as expected, so did the Omega Pharma team.  Why?  Well, again if you have not been following Le Tour, you would not have seen Cavendish deliberately knock down, yes deliberately, Tom Veelers from Team Argos-Shimano.  Veelers led out eventually stage winner Marcel Kittel, and while Veelers was dropping back (as all lead-out men do), the Manx Wanker pushed Veelers out of the way.  Naturally, Le Tour organizers saw no culpability on Cavendish’s part.  Therefore, I am glad some of the fans took the matter into their own hands with some good ‘of fashion street justice, i.e., dumping urine on Mr. Cavendish during the Stage 11 Time Trial.

Cavendish supporters put this incident down solely to anger from the Veelers incident, however, fans are a lot smarter than that.  They see a person with a history of bad behavior, and the Veelers incident was just a shove too far for them to remain silent any longer.  Even Cavendish’s own team admits “…You have to leave Mark alone until he calms down.  He always apologizes later.”  Can you believe that rubbish?  Abusers always apologize to their victims AFTER the event and believe all is well again.  Except for their victims, all is not well again. 

Why did Cavendish attack Veelers, you ask?  See, in Cav’s world all that matters is himself and winning.  Anything, or in this case, anyone that gets in his way, is to be destroyed and discounted.  That is how the clinical narcissistic mindset operates.  And, after leaving a trail of broken bodies, relationships, and hopes, he apologizes to everyone (the passive-aggressive behavior) because to Mr. Cavendish, the ends do indeed justify the means.  While the other sprinters see races as just that, races, Cavendish views the whole affair as a war between himself and the world.  It is only a matter of time before he seriously, and permanently, injures someone before being called out for his dark, nasty behavior. 

The rest of the world survives by not being mean, self-centered, abusive, assholes, so why can’t Cavendish? 

When life is all said and done, there are true Champions, and there are Complete Assholes.  Mark Cavendish is a complete, and royal asshole.  People should never confuse the two.

Yeah, all-in-all, Mark Cavendish does indeed keep getting funnier.  Just not in a good way.

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