Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why I Should Have Grown Up To Be The Head Of A Public “Works” Department.

Why make such a proclamation you ask?  Well, it is plainly clear to me that as far as “Leadership” in any Road Department is concerned, actually carrying out the function of the job is the last thing on anyone’s mind.  I mean, name another job (other than politician) where you can be a complete failure in your capacity, and not only never be fired, but still get paid, and receive a pension on top of that?  Well, we can add government bureaucrat to the list of occupations where actually doing your job is not a requirement.

See, if I had the forethought to think of only my own existence and future, I would have become the head of any government road department.  No more responsibility or accountability - Period.  Call it money for nothing, just like that song by the band Dire Straits (however, try as one might, chicks are never free). 

From bad pavement due to neglect, to potholes, to faded paint lines, lack of clear, concise signage, completely illogical signal sequencing, and probably the worst nightmare of all – A complete lack of any street sweeping, our roads flat out, completely suck!  And, I am told there are people assigned to take care of these responsibilities, just as I am told I must pay taxes to take care of the people whom are supposed to be taking care of these things.  The money goes in, and no services come out.  This sounds like the perfect crime to me.  And, we all suffer for it. 

However, in the spirit of Capitalism and ingenuity, a whole cottage industry has grown up just trying to keep the air inside of our tires.  And, there are some pretty clever ways to keep our tires filled, however, one cannot escape the poor, and ever worsening, conditions of our roads.  Put it this way, there is a reason the greatest consumable by volume in the activity of cycling are tubes and tires.

As for me, I don’t do anything fancy while I ride my bike.  I basically ride the public roads in my local area of Southern California, and occasionally take it to the bike paths for variety.  And, if there is one consideration in the forefront of my mind while I am out pedaling for fitness, it is the probability of flats, because our publicly funded roads are absolute garbage.  And, the situation is not getting any better. 

Yeah, what a fool I was.  I mistakenly chose a career whereby I have to actually work for a living.

Maybe in the next life…

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