Friday, March 22, 2013

Wheel News: In The Hustle & Bustle Of Mavic’s New Cosmic Carbone 40C, Zipp Releases Two New Wheelsets, And SRAM Wheels Completely Disappear Off Of Their Website.

 Image Courtesy Stradalli

Somewhat lost in the news of Mavic’s new carbon clincher, not really a carbon clincher 40C release, Zipp released two new, more affordable wheelsets, the 30 Clincher and 60 Clincher.  Meanwhile, a perusal of the SRAM website shows all of their wheels have completely disappeared. 

While news of the former wheelsets are indeed good news, news of the latter situation is kind of odd.  However, it is not too surprising since SRAM own Zipp, and the new wheels are competing directly with the S27/S30 and S40/S60 lines.

Time will tell if my hunch is correct or if SRAM is going to unveil a whole new line of wheels.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for an upcoming article on the “Who’s, What’s, Where’s and Why’s of Carbon Wheels.

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