Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mavic Unveils Their New Non-Full Carbon Clincher, Carbon Clincher – The Cosmic Carbone 40C

Sex and the carbon clincher - French style.

While the battle over full-carbon clincher safety rages onward, Mavic has taken a different approach (for them, though similar to the solution Mad Fiber chose) to combating heat build-up under braking.

So, why is this Big News?  Well, the most experienced wheel maker in the business, up to this point, has shied away from carbon brake tracks due to safety concerns.  This seems to be a unique, and conservative step for Mavic, which could end up paying big dividends in advancing clincher technology.

The specs:

  • Price: $2750 (includes Yksion Grip tires; price subject to change)
  • Weight: 1545 grams, claimed (without quick releases)
  • Availability: June 1, 2013 (subject to change)
  • Tubeless compatibility: None
  • Rim depth: 40mm (Other rim depths for the Cosmic Carbone C are in development)

Cutaway of the new Cosmic Carbone 40C.  Note the foam core, carbon brake track, and aluminum rim isolated from spoke holes, thus increasing strength.

Link to an excellent article on Road Bike Action Here.

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