Thursday, January 15, 2015

No, This Is Not A Joke. The Essax "Shark" Saddle Makers Claim The Shape Is Revolutionary.

 The Essax Shark saddle. Brilliant, evolutionary design, or just another sex toy? Photo by Cycling Weekly.

Yes, I admit things have been a bit quiet around the Cycling Dynamics office, but a major move has a way of taxing one's time and focus.  However, with commentaries, and new products tests in the pipeline, scanning the horizon for new, and interesting things still remains job one.  Thus, I bring you the Essax Shark saddle.

According to the Spanish firms press release, "...Essax Shark designer, Jon Iriberri, claims the fin should distribute weight evenly between the rider’s sit bones by achieving better alignment of the knees, preventing rocking and rotation when pedaling, therefore increasing the efficiency of the pedal stroke and preventing injury."

While jokes about the saddle have been pretty darn funny, those whom have actually tried it said it was not too bad - Just different.  No argument, there.

Read the whole article over at Cycling Weekly.

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