Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shimano PRO “550ML” Storage Bottle. The Alternative To Seat Bags And Jersey Pockets For All Your Stuff.

For any cyclist short of having their own, personal support vehicle on their rides, the storage of essential items becomes a must.  From spare tubes, to tools, nutrition, ID, money, and keys, we all need to have certain items with us on all of our rides.  Usually the first option people turn to for storage, after jersey pockets, are underseat bags.  And, why not?  They are useful, practical, pretty much indestructible, and are out of the way until absolutely needed.  However, there is another way.  Enter the Shimano PRO Storage Bottle. 

Storage bottles offer another practical way to hold the items required, and they fit in a space which is quite sensible – A bottle cage.  Why the bottle cage location?  Truth be told, most of our rides are not long enough to require two (2), large water bottles every time we go on a ride.  I can see a well stocked underseat bag on a Century, but on the bulk of the rides we cyclists do, two, large water bottles can be weighty overkill.  The storage bottle offers a nice, cleaner looking alternative to a big, seat bag, and truth be told, once you use a bottle to carry your stuff, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. 

Innocuous storage - Most of the time we don't need two bottles.

And, you can cram a lot of stuff into these bottles, too.

The Specs:

  • A multi-function storage system
  • Currently available only in 500ML size (that may change)
  • Secure screw-on cap
  • Fits 74mm diameter bottle cages
  • Offered in either black or white

Editor’s Note:

Shimano advertises the bottle on their website in two sizes, both 550 and 750ML.  However, though the larger version has been in their catalog for a couple of years, it is, unfortunately, not available.  And, the smaller version is actually labeled on the packaging as being “500cc.”

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