Monday, May 19, 2014

Random Thoughts From The Passing Scene.

I don’t want, or need, to “Own the Road.” I just don’t want to be run over while I am riding.

If you ride with others, make sure they are people that won’t do stupid things, like run Stop Signs.

I used to think riding my motorcycle was an extremely dangerous activity until I discovered cycling.

People should not be afraid to ride with others just because of how they are dressed and what they ride.  Snobbery is for the wealthy.  Cycling is for the People.

Each of the 50-States needs to educate their drives about the rights, and safety, of cyclists.

All of the “Off-the-shelf” sports drinks are too strong.  For better performance, and to save money, cut them with 50-to-75 percent water.

When did CO2 become so expensive?

Cycling computers seem to have joined the realm of Consumer Electronics: Every six-months there seems to be a “Newer” version, and we are all expected to comply at considerable expense.

Discover the “Road Trip.”  Put your bicycle in your vehicle and ride somewhere new, interesting, and fun.  It keeps your regular training rides from becoming boring, too.

The professional bicycle racing season is in full-swing.  Time to see which teams have the best doctor’s.

I am beginning to see more and more steel bikes out on the road.  That is a good thing.

Cycling and ear phones: A deadly combination.

As a rule: Lightweight = Expensive and less durable.  Heavier = Less expensive and more durable.  Pick the one you can live with.

With Peter Sagan now on the scene, Mark Cavendish will never win another Green Jersey competition.

With “Boutique” riding foods now becoming prohibitively expensive, it is time for riders to evaluate what they truly need to consume, versus what they think they need to consume.

The motor vehicle traffic is here, and it is not going away, folks.  We need to learn to coexist.

We’re all cyclists.  So, SMILE, dammit!

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