Thursday, May 22, 2014

People I Could Do Without.

Humans: They come in all shapes, sizes, and capacities of intelligence.  While the former makes life interesting, the latter is something we are all forced to deal with, like it or not.  Don’t believe me?  All it takes is being attentive to one’s environment.  Look around.  Watch people.  And, you will begin to notice things.  Professionals call them “Human Behavioral Patterns.”  I call them, and this is unfortunately not going to be my final list, People I Could Do Without. 

So, with my sincerest apologies to George Carlin, and without any further fanfare, here is my initial list of people compiled simply by viewing the road-going Flower of Humanity.

Diesel pick-up drivers that rev’ their engines right next to a cyclist, so the full benefits of foul exhaust is administered to the rider - On purpose.

Drivers that don’t use turn signals.

Drivers that hug the right side of the lane.

Drivers that text.

Drivers which are pretty much oblivious to everyone other than themselves.

City Managers: Their roads suck and are rarely swept clean.

Harley riders with obscenely loud, open exhaust pipes which mimic the pick-up drivers behavior: They have to rev their precious, little V-Twin engines to the Moon just as they come along side a cyclist.  The intent is to frighten and startle the cyclist.  Sick.

Cyclists which flout the law and resist any, and all, attempts to be educated, otherwise.

Cyclists that hate motor vehicles.

Motorists that hate Cyclists.

Cyclists that hate other cyclists.

Cyclists that like to sneak up on other cyclists without call-outs.

Cycling “Clubs” which act more like a gang than an actual, benevolent, inclusive organization.

And finally…

Lawyers that ride: I have cycled with a few of them over the years, and 99.9% of them are rolling Homicides: Their common sense was murdered by their egos.

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