Monday, December 9, 2013

A Break From The Usual Routes - Eldorado, Found.

The Whittier Greenway Trail

Every once in awhile it is nice to just get out and ride.  No destination, no usual routes, and no course where one is seeking a new, best time.  I mean, just getting out, turning the pedals and seeing where we can end up.  Well, this was one of those rides, and it was suggested by a friend of mine.  I certainly was glad she put forth the idea which led to the interesting ride described below.

I arose early in the morning (not one of my personal, strong suits), ready and roaring to go with thoughts of coffee and good food in my head.  Dressed, tires pumped-up, and eyes finally open, I rode to the meet-up point to join my posse.  We usually meet at a local park, and this morning was no exception for the group which assembled for the adventure.  Saddled up, we headed south on the San Gabriel River Trail in search of mischief.  Riders in search of a unique, morning adventure, headed for the path less pedaled.  And, we found it. 

After heading south on the trail, we hung a big left in Pico Rivera, headed for Uptown Whittier, where we struck gold: The Whittier Greenway Trail.  A former Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way, turned bike-path, the Greenway runs from Pioneer Boulevard on the west, to Mills Avenue on the east.  While in Uptown, we stopped to refuel at the California Grill.  Not only was the food, coffee, and service excellent, but they were very bike friendly, even on the super-busy, crowded morning we dropped in.  That’s class, being there are still a lot of eateries which are none-too-kind to cyclists for some reason.  The California Grill was a nice exception.

                                                   Uptown Whittier, California

Fueled up, we hit some of the local bike shops to check out their wares (emergency bikeshop tours are a habit of mine), then we headed back to the Greenway, thus using the trail to Uptown and back, traversing a lot of territory off of city streets.  That was the actual goal of the ride, as combined with the San Gabriel River Trail, it was a good scenic run free of motor vehicles.  However, the only downside to the trail’s unique, smooth pavement is the amount of it punctuated by street crossings.  Other than that, it is a good, scenic trail.        
This was without a doubt a fun ride, relaxing, and very interesting ride.  It was conducted mostly on bike-paths (about 98%), and according to the trusty Garmin, it was 40 miles round-trip from our start point, making for a moderate leg-stretcher.  The real beauty of the route, however, is that one can start from about anywhere up or down the riverbed to lengthen the ride to suit.  In short, it won’t be boring by a long shot. 

So ride, boldly ride, my friends, till you find Eldorado*.

* Regards to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

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