Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shimano PRO Turnix Titanium “AF” Saddle Review

After my review of the Turnix PRO TU, or “Tail-Up” (Cycling Dynamics, 10-20-2013) saddle, I was curious to try out the AF version to see if, perhaps, I was missing anything.  The AF, which stands for “Air Flow” differs from the TU by means of less padding, a flatter profile, and a cut-out, relief channel.   That being the case, how did it work?

The AF is more of a traditional saddle in the sense it basically has one sweet-spot.  Unlike the TU model, on which you can comfortably put your buns anywhere you like, the AF is more “Placement Critical” for the best performance (at least for this mild-mannered evaluator’s backside).  This is due primarily to the aforementioned thinner and the flatter profile, which had me slamming it forward to get the placement just right for me.  However, once I found the sweet-spot, I still found myself wanting to get back on the TU. 

In totality, was I disappointed?  No.  Though the AF was not as comfortable overall as the TU, the wide, flat profile, combined with the cut-out channel does make for a nice place to get your pedaling done efficiently.  It just all depends on your preferences and how the Good Lord made your sit bones. 

                                                                            The packaging.

The AF has a flatter profile than the TU.

The "Tail-Up" profile of the TU contrasted with the "Flatter" AF model below.

From the rear the difference in padding is clearly visible.

On a final note, the double-edged sword of saddle evaluation is that no two butts are ever in total agreement, and that is what makes saddle evaluation more or less the wicked stop-child of subjectiveness.  This article is meant to inform, however, the final decision is up to your butt. 

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Tweaked Sports of Glendora, California for providing the test saddles

The Stats:
·         Available in Black or White
·         Microfiber cover with hi-density foam padding
·         Relief Split-Cutout for comfort
·         Carbon-reinforced nylon base for increased rigidity
·         Lightweight & strong oversized, hollow titanium rails   
·         Approximate weight: 200g
·         Dimensions: 132mm Wide, 280mm Length
·         Retail $145.00 USD


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