Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Specials: "Frankenbike" Becomes A 2.5 & This Writing/Product Evaluating Thing Is Not So Bad.

Well, I really did not go out shopping on this "Black Friday," as I never do, anyway (I have way better things to do with my time).  These latest toys are just part of my "Happy Birthday to me" upgrade plan to make Frankenbike homogenized, component-wise.

When I purchased my Trek 2.3 in 2010, it had a complete Shimano 105 gruppo.  The 105 performed admirably, however, as time went by, the urge and opprotunity arose to upgrade and to be honest, try new things.  And, try new things, I did.  Components, wheels, tires, you name it, it all pretty much got tried, all except for the entire groupset.  Well, not anymore.  With the addition of the front and rear derailleur's (to go along with the crankset, bottom bracket and shifters), my bike will pretty much be what Trek sold around the world as the "2.5," alloy road bike.  It differed from the North American 2.3 by means of having a Shimano Ultegra gruppo, while the 2.3 was equipped with a full 105 compliment.  So, with a complete Ultegra setup, I now have the aforementioned 2.5, save for the brakes, which are SRAM Red's.

Frankenbike went through quite a few upgrades and experimentation, all as part of its life as a Product Testing platform.  Not that it was planned that way.  See, after I got down-sized out of the Aviation industry (if any of you are dying to take a career roller-coaster ride, try Aviation - More Up's & Down's than an evening in Kim Kardashian's bedroom), I suddently had the chance to ride a whole lot more than I previously could, and I felt a need to pen my thoughts, so to speak, and keep my brain occupied via the life of a scribe. 

And, I can't say I am complaining, either, as this budding Scribe/Product Evaluator, in addition to having a lot of fun, has had the opportunity to meet a lot of new, and very nice people in the business.

And the latter, you cannot put a price on.

Pedal safe, my friends.

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