Friday, October 12, 2012

The Circular Shooting Gallery

I have been watching the whole Lance Armstrong “Did he, or didn’t he?” doping theater with a bit of shock and awe.  Wow, what a spectacle. 

From all major media sources, to world cycling organizations, to on-line enthusiast websites and forums almost everywhere, cycling is in a vapid spiral, eating itself with misdirected anger and foolish partisanship. 

Cycling is imploding before our eyes, and many are thrilled to death about it.
Call it arguing over whose fault it was the ship hit the iceberg while all on board are neck deep in icy, cold water.  If you wanted to see the results of an actual nuclear war, this would be it.  The losses are going to be far greater than the gains, and some will still have the nerve to declare a victory.

In a sick effort to bring down one man (deserved or otherwise), many in the “Cycling Community” are destroying cycling itself.  Look at it as killing the patient and then boasting you cured their cancer.  Yes, this is complete madness on parade.

In an attempt to appear ever-more serious, cycling has made itself the butt of world-wide jokes.  Finger pointing is everywhere, all are now suspect, and in reality, cycling has only itself to blame.

Keep watching, folks.  It is going to be an extremely nasty, bumpy, and sad ride.

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