Monday, November 28, 2016

Why NASAR Drivers Are Sissies.

I love racing of all sorts, no matter the discipline.  Humans are naturally competitive, so sport has become a significant part of our lives, and, for some, their livelihood.

Adding to the challenge of Speed & Sport is the inevitable variable of weather.  Anyone can be great when conditions are perfect, however, as life itself is far from perfect, variables manage to, like it, or not, sort out the Men from the Boys.

So, why pick on the Good 'ol Boys over at NASAR?  Well, actually, I am not.  Call it more of a frustration, that whist every other major racing series in the world, either two-wheels or four, do not call it quits just because the Good Lord provides vertical moisture, NASCAR, for some reason, does.  And, that is not the way it is meant to be.  Water is a challenge, and it cannot simply be dismissed as a hazard off-the-cuff, as the two-wheeled photos here prove otherwise.

Even in my long-ago, amateur motorcycle roadracing career, rain was just something we dealt with as a challenge, and to be honest, it was kinda' fun to ride around in.  Guys fast in the dry suddenly became nonexistent on the podium, and conversely, many a hidden talent were discovered when the wet stuff hit the pavement.  The rain was a hoot.  It was a challenge.  It added a lot of interest to the spice of racing.

In summation, embrace the challenge of all-weather racing, NASCAR.  Embrace the fun.  And, most of all, put on your Big Boy pants and race whether rain or shine.

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