Friday, April 29, 2016

Tested: Schwalbe Durano HS464 25C Clincher Tires

Back in November, 2015 I did a quick write-up about the Schwalbe Durano HS464 tires.  It was more of an introduction, really, however, I promised to get back with the results of my on-road findings once they were mounted up and had some significant mileage on them.  And, wow, are the results impressive.

It actually took me awhile to get around to mounting the HS464’s up, as the previous version, the HS399’s, just refused to wear out.  I had mounted that version the summer of 2013, so the HS464’s had some REALLY big shoes to fill.  I now have them on two wheelsets, the latest being my trusty, bomb-proof, Mavic Ksyrium SL’s, in addition to my go-to SRAM S40’s (which I love!). 

And the results?  They are absolutely the freest rolling tires I have ever used, and I have used a lot of the biggies – Bontrager, Continental, Hutchinson, and Michelin – And none, absolutely none, have provided the feedback, and performance, I am currently experiencing.  The dual-compound tread (harder, faster-rolling center, softer, grippier, more pliant on the sides) has light very light siping, so all conditions, save for Noah’s Flood, should present no problems whilst riding out-and-about.  The Raceguard function adds two layers of nylon for added puncture protection, and from personal experience, it really, really works.  I am also very surprised with the incredible performance, being these are not even Schwalbe’s out-and-out high performance tires.

The tread detail.

To sum it all up, while tires can be a very subjective thing when looked at purely from a passionatehuman angle (Marketing Departments), if you are seeking tires with certain attributes, seek out people who have experience using products you are interested in.  They’ve done the work.  That’s how I discovered the Schawlbe’s, even though many people were telling me to try Brand A or Brand Z.

And, if you have not tried Schwalbe tires, I highly recommend that you do.  They roll like Tubular's, and even sound like them, too, as they cruise along.  Very cool.  

The Specs:

Model: Durano DD HS464
Type: Clincher, Folding
Tread: Dual Compound, With RaceGuard Puncture Protection,
Use: Race, Performance, High-Mileage
Weight: 245 Grams
PSI Range: 85-115
Available Colors: Black
Retail Price: $65.87 USD

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