Monday, March 7, 2016

Yes, There Is Still Life On This Blog.

When I started this project it was with the best intentions to inform, and share with others, a common thread of this activity we call Cycling.  Well, that mission has remained true, although some of my former, personal biases have been brought back to reality via a more focused attention on the passing scene.  Allow me to espouse.

When I began Cycling Dynamics, I was still pretty much riding hard core, evaluating new products quite often, was still very interested in professional racing, and I still thought Cycling Coalitions were benevolent factions, with everyone’s best interests at heart (Hah!  Share the road?  Heck, those anarchists want to OWN the road, and, at taxpayer’s expense!).  Well, quite a few things have changed, as I have had my, as alcoholics call it, a personal moment of clarity.

Riding is the reason we live.  And, if it is not, you really are missing out.  I have seen people on old beaters having the time of their lives, smiling, and waving at people, while the “Roadies” astride their $10,000, plastic wonders are snarling, frowning at, and flipping off, the masses.  My guess is, deep down inside, they know they are total douchebags for spending that much money on a bicycle, whilst pretending to be a professional racer.  Cycling is about getting out there, seeing where the road takes us, seizing the moment(s), bothering to enjoy the scenery, a total experience, aboard two-wheels. 

In the realm of always trying out “New Stuff,” well, I have finally seen that charade for what it is – To suck revenue out of the pockets of the masses, and deposit said money into the pockets of the Industry, merely for their own needs.  In totality, what this means is I intend to write reviews on items that have some actual, real value to cyclists, not just the latest, lightest, most expensive, useless gadgets, parts, nutrition, or items of clothing.  Cycling stuff is expensive, and upgrading, purely for upgrading’s sake, is just not sensible (hear me, Garmin?  And, that goes for you bike manufacturers, too!).  If I see some value in something, then I will try it out, and I will share the results with all of you.  Then, you can draw your own conclusions.

As for professional bike racing, while I still give it a cursory glance, the truth is, I really could not give a shit, anymore.  Basically, the product is a complete fraud, and why the hell should I pay attention to grown men (and now the ladies, which if you criticize that even more awful product, somehow you are a Misogynist), being paid for what is essentially their hobby?  I mean, I have to work for a living, so excuse me if my heart does not skip a beat because Mark Cavendish happens to ride by. 

As for the un-pleasantries of our past-time, well, just by being out in public, we will encounter assholes, be they in motor vehicles, on bicycles, or even walking/running.  We are in a Post-Decorum Age, and as long as you are not being an ass yourself, the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life is deal with other human beings.

So, there.  And, if I have not pissed you off by now, stick round.  In the next few months, give me a chance to do so.  Then again, I just may inform, or even entertain you, too.

Meanwhile, I’m going riding.

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