Friday, September 25, 2015

Santa Ana River Trail Fail. Bureaucracy Is As Bureaucracy Does.

Due to recent, heavy winds, a tree branch had fallen causing a safety hazard.  "Never fear, your friendly-neighborhood, Government worker is here!"  So, to rectify the situation, the hazard was rightfully, and wisely, coned off.

Seen on the Santa Ana River Trail, adjacent the River View Golf Course, this beautiful display of the Bureaucrat mentality was on full display for all.  Our guess is the person who coned off the area was not authorized to also remove the offending tree branch.  That job must belong to another, costly Government Bureaucrat, it seems.

Two things never change.  One is human irrationality.  The other is the concept of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.   

The Bureaucrat mentality lives on.  

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