Sunday, November 30, 2014

A New Perspective

From the merely curious web surfers, to my seven, loyal readers, folks may have noticed I have been extremely silent on the giant, electronic publishing highway.  There was a good, valid reason for that.  The office of Cycling Dynamics has moved, trading the foothills for the coast.  And, said move was not without its share of pain, suffering, sweat and tears, additionally taking a massive chunk out of my available riding, and writing, time.  Yes, life happens.    

However, now that the formally plush publishing office has now become an extremely plush publishing office, don’t think for one minute the insightful commentary, opinions and product testing of this woefully underfunded operation will cease.  The roads may have flattened out around here, but with a bold, fresh perspective, new terrain to explore, and new products to test out, things are guaranteed to get a whole lot more interesting. 

Therefore, back on the information highway with a new location, a new ISP, and an odd sense of spiritual rebirth from the whole experience, the bicycle wheels of life can only go one way: Forward.  And, so too, will Cycling Dynamics move forward for the loyal (and questionably sane) followers of the site, because that is the only direction I know how to go now. 

Come along for the ride. 


Darryl Bustamante, Editor-At-Large

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