Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Thoughts From The Passing Scene

Whether it is poor cycling, or poor driving, the cyclist always pays the price in a mishap.

Humans are quick to talk, but slow to act.  That is why things rarely change, and if they do, it happens very, very slowly.

The concept of “Sharing the Road” needs to start at each State’s Legislature and trickle down to individual road users, i.e. Motorists and Bicyclists.  It must begin at the State level, be taught down through Driver’s Education, and even taught in the public schools.

Since so many people are extremely convinced of their own intelligence, why, then, is something as simple as the Stop Sign so perplexing to them?

The Motoring Public has become so irresponsible that it is probably a darn good idea to begin carrying a video camera (Go Pro, Virb, Sport, etc) on rides.

Why is it supposedly grown adults can’t get along and play nice out on the roads?  And people call children immature.

An overwhelming number of cyclists are also vehicle owners/drivers.  So, why is there such an “Us versus Them” mentality in regards to Cyclists and Motorists sharing the road?

“Road Diets” are a Zero-Sum Game, as someone has to lose for someone else to gain.  Don’t expect to make a lot of friends if you are in favor of taking lanes away from motorists.

Taxes and fees are at their highest rates ever.  So, why are Public Roads in such poor shape?

Why is it so many videos on the net (yes, even cycling related videos) open with music loud enough to blast us out of our chairs, yet the dialogue is but a whisper?  Is it a sadistic thing?

Trek just a released a 10-pound bike for the masses, the Emonda SLR, proving that light weight need not be fragile, contrary to what the draconian Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has been telling us for decades.  If it is good enough for regular folks, then it is damn good enough for the racers.  In your eye, UCI!

A lot of riders have hit the deck at this year’s Tour de France.  Even more painful to us “Little Folks” were watching those riders hit the deck with $10,000-plus USD bikes.  OUCH!!!

Still, it is almost daily news that another professional rider being popped for doping hits the cycling media.  I mean, is anyone REALLY surprised, anymore?  Face it, doping and cycling go together like foot odor and locker rooms.

To catch a thief, you hire one as a consultant.  Why the UCI has not hired Lance Armstrong as a “Doping Consultant’ is beyond anyone’s guess.

And finally, just who the heck is Frankie Andreu, and why should we care?

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