Saturday, January 11, 2014

Author Of Santa Barbara View Article Claims, "Cyclists Have Gone Collectively Insane."

But let me issue a warning to all automotive drivers:  - See more at:
"But let me issue a warning to all automotive drivers: Santa Barbara cyclists have gone collectively insane."   

Collectively Insane? Yep, that was the point of an anti-cycling hit-piece published on the Santa Barbara View website 01-07-2014.  The piece of garbage masquerading as journalism was authored by one, Loretta Redd, and will only swerve to fan the flames of anti-cyclist bigotry.  The only thing worse than the article itself was that someone actually published it.

However, all is not doom and gloom for the rank and file two-wheeler.  A beautiful rebuttal (or "Take down," as the blog called it) was put forth by a Mr. Bob Mionske, and it was a logical, thorough, and concise refutation of the blatant lies Ms. Redd laughingly called facts in her article.

Here is the link to Ms. Redd's original piece of garbage:

And, here is the link to Mr. Mionske's Letter to the Editor regarding Ms. Redd's piece of garbage:

Also, don't forget to read the comments section to both the origianl article and to Mr. Mionske's rebuttal.  There, you will read some intelligent responses to Ms. Redd's diatribe, and unfortunately, you will also read some very vile, angry, and immature responses, thus highlighting the scope of what cyclists are up against: A very angry and dangerous section of the motoring public, whose concern is only for one's self.

So, to all of my fellow cyclists I say: Be safe out there, and remember to obey all applicable traffic laws.  I also suggest every rider carry a camera to protect themselves in case of Road Rage.  You have to collect your own evidence, because most police departments could care less about cyclists.

Sad, but true, about the latter.

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