Monday, September 23, 2013

More Random Observations From The Passing Scene

Disc brakes are coming to road bikes.  Know it.  Learn it.  Live it.

If there were only one RIGHT way to make a bicycle, then we would have one bike being made by one company.

6:00 AM is not the ONLY time to go out and ride.

In most cases, for most riders, plain water is completely sufficient.

Shaving your legs is a complete waste of time, unless that kind of thing turns you on.

You have two tires on your bike.  So, carry two, spare tubes.  And a pump.

A clean bike is a happy bike.  And, for some reason, it intimidates fellow riders, too.

Road Rage is real.  Carry a camera if you ever need to prove your case.

Learn to “Bunny-Hop” over road hazards.  It can save your ass, someday.

Using a mirror does not make you a “Dork.”

A guaranteed way to change a red light instantly is to either clip-out, reach for your water bottle, or both.

There is nothing wrong with saving money on your riding apparel.  The key is to not look like you did.

Lighter and more expensive does not always equate to better and more durable.

For a truly liberating experience try riding at night - With proper lighting and reflective clothing, of course.

On a bicycle, aerodynamics are not as important as you think they are.

Downshift for stops, and upshift as you get going again.  You do it in your car, so why are you not doing it on your bicycle?  Your knees will thank you.

Chris Horner just won the Vuelta a Espana: At age 41!  Doping allegations preceded the victory congratulations. 

Professional riders are completely spoiled.  The following quote was by Marianne Vos regarding the recently cancelled stage of the Giro della Toscana due to road traffic on the course: “Cycling is dangerous enough without traffic on the roads!”  Welcome to our world, Ms. Vos.

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