Monday, August 12, 2013

Appearance Enhancing Procedures (AEP’s).

Photo courtesy Stradalli

It hit me like a sack of dirty syringe’s the other day whilst reading and watching the continuing drama of the whole Performance Enhancing Drugs in cycling thing.  I mean, what is passing for news in cycling reports and articles, both on-line and in print, invariably is still all Lance Armstrong’s fault, according to the “Anti-Doping” Stasi.  However, the whole affair is really not a tragedy at all. 

On the contrary.  It is one heck of a big laugh-fest observing and reading how portions of the cycling base are still offended – Even though they got just what they wanted:  Lance’s head on a stick.  “Yeah, but he didn’t come clean the way we felt he should!”  “What about his sponsors?”  “What about Trek, Honey Stinger, Chris Carmichael, Allen Lim, Radio Shack, and his fan base?”     

Yeah, so what?  Grow up, people!

Life is full of enhancements, corner-cutting, theatrics, and blatant falsehoods (and yes, even scapegoats).  It is human nature to look for a competitive advantage.  Unfortunately, it is also human nature to look for a competitive advantage at any cost.    

Take a good look around your own life.  Look at any level of Government, the media, movies, television, your co-workers, and even your own family and friends.  Usually you will see nothing but a bunch of false, plastic humans put together with “Enhancements” like plastic surgery, contacts, hair color, make up, hair extensions, cosmetic teeth, false eye lashes, slick talk, stylish clothing, fast cars, and most popular of all – Phony boobs. 

And yet people are angry at Lance Armstrong, and only Lance, for not being “Genuine?”

Ever heard of the term “Fake people?”  You know, those who are not whom they present themselves to be in an attempt to gain an edge, influence, wealth, power, and celebrity status? 

The world cries for fairness and the genuineness of the human spirit.  Yet, most people live a lie everyday, even while looking in the mirror.


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