Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Diligent Testing Still Occurs Here - The Fizik R3 Road Shoe.

                                     Full Carbon sole and simple, elegant design - What's not to like?

Even though this is an overworked, unpaid, one-man operation, I still get cool things to evaluate and give feedback about.  Well, the latest thing to be dropped onto my desk is a pair of Fizik R3 road shoes.

While the Fizik line has been totally revamped for 2013, with Nylon uppers and new, larger lasts, the Kangaroo leather and Microtex versions are nothing to pass up.  See, while an in-depth review will be forthcoming after I spend some time in them, the initial impressions are extremely positive.

Retail is $299.99 USD, comes in black, red or white, however, with the announcement of the 2013 redesign, they can be had for a whole lot cheaper.

And, I suggest you do give them a serious look.

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