Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas Courtesy Of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

Some of you loyal readers may not be aware, but in addition to all things cycling, I have also a spent a significant portion of my life in the aviation business, as well.  Thus, it is indeed a rare occasion when one can come across cool corporate cycling jerseys.  Even rarer still are aviation cycling jerseys.  That being the case, when my contact at Boeing offered up these two beauties, well, how could I refuse?  I mean, c’mon, it is the 787 Dreamliner, and the new 737 MAX, for cryin’ out loud!  With the 787 just entering service, and the 737 MAX is still on the drawing board, to not only to see, but to receive these jerseys, was indeed a Christmas treat.

                                                                          Front of the jerseys

With the Holiday Season in full-swing I admit to not riding as much as I would have liked, which kinda’ bugs me.  However, Christmas is a time of year quite a bit busier than others, so I am sure this a common theme among many a rider right now.  I mean, there are parties to go to, food and drinks galore, plus short daylight hours, so squeezing in a ride can be a little more difficult than usual.  Well, new jerseys makes the incentive to get on out and ride that much greater.

                                                                       The rear of the jerseys

On the path leading up to Christmas and the New Year, I have indeed been blessed with good friends and now some killer riding apparel, too.

I feel rich.

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  1. Hi Darryl. How do you like the Dreamliner jersey so far? I just purchased it from and can't wait to have it! I am a skinny dude, 6" tall and got a Large size. I hope it is not going to look too loose on me. Is there a way you take a few more photos of the dreamliner jersey from sides and the bottom back? If possible, please send it to I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot...