Monday, September 24, 2012

SRAM Red OG-1090 Cassette Review

                                                                    Image courtesy SRAM

One of the nice things about Frankenbike is its ability to utilize just about any component out there.  Case in point, a lot of people claimed you could not use SRAM Red components with Shimano 105 and Ultegra parts.  Yes, you can.   And, with the kind assistance of my friendly, local, Tweaked Sports parts house, I set out to sample high-end cassette bliss with a Red OG-1090, 11-28 unit.  

Highlights are:
  • Lightweight: Innovative CNC‘ed chromoly steel construction.
  • Durable: 35% harder than titanium!
  • Stiff: 15% stronger than its competitor.
  • OpenGlide technology allows for smoother transition between gears.
After seven months of riding with it, here is what I thought.

The beauty of the Powerdome is in its construction.  Machined from a solid piece of metal (save for the two smallest cogs), it is extremely light, and it is a dream to shift with.  The “OpenGlide” technology allows quicker gear transition via strategically removed teeth off of the cogs.   Oh yeah, it is a bit nosier than any Shimano or Campagnolo cassette, however, I believe the noise complaints are an overrated “Issue.”  Weight is approximately 166 grams for the 11-28 version, and I could go to a smaller cassette, however, I am not a young pup, anymore.

                    Frankenbike with 11-28 OG-1090 Cassette, KMC chain, and Shimano 105 derailleur

I am currently running the OG-1090 with a KMC chain, plus Shimano 105 derailleurs and shifters.  Performance has been superb, with the only issue being the inability of 105 components to stay in tune for any length of time.  The cassette, thus far, has shown zero indications of wear.

In the end, I made a few welcomed discoveries.  One, I can climb by staying in my personal cadence-heart rate parameters (thus my SRAM PG-1050, 32-tooth “Pie Plate” can be saved for truly insane verticals – Like some rides I do at Lake Arrowhead, California), and SRAM Powerdomes are the Bee's Knees - Light, awesome shifting, and not all the noise and chatter usually reserved for people describing their experiences with them.

I wonder what the new XG-1090 is like?  Hmmm…

Till next time.

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