Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Note About Texting And Driving.

As if there are not enough hazards as it is while riding our bikes, we now have modern technology to thank for the latest contributor to bodily harm – Texting while driving.

Just in the past month alone I have almost been side-swiped three times by a vehicle while the driver was texting.  In all cases the driver allowed the vehicle to swerve off course to the right, and in one instance, almost jump the curb and hit a road sign after nearly taking my left elbow off.  For the record, I already wear very bright red riding kits, and I stay as far to the right as is safe.

In an effort to be even more conspicuous as possible (which still does not seem to be working), I have resorted to a flashing red tail light even in the day time in an attempt to give myself as much of an edge as possible.

I fear that it is not an "If," but a "When" situation for road cyclists against a vehicular texter.  The practice is mucho illegal here in California, however, just by an unscientific visual survey of passing vehicles, the practice is big-time out of control.

The worst part of this problem is you will not know the car is going to hit from behind until it actually does.

Be aware out there.  The drivers certainly are not.

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